VPS, Wildcard certs, 2 domains on rancher

I am using a VPS with 2GB RAM and 2 public IPs. I want to host 2 domains on it. I need about a dozen subdomains on each. The subdomains should each point to a container using the “request host” feature in the load balancer.

Ideally I can use lets encrypt wildcard cert for each domain. I can set each domain to point to 1 of the public IPs. My understanding is that I can setup a couple of load balancers, each listening on only their IP.

I don’t expect a future need to scale these services past the one host, and for that reason, I have stuck with Rancher 1.6. I dabbled in 2.0 but it really seems geared to scale; I found 1.6 easier to understand.


  1. When adding the load balancer, you can specify the source listening port, but where do you specify the listening IP? is it possible?

  2. Is it possible to terminate ssl using a wildcard cert in the lb this way?

  3. Is it possible to also provide ssl to rancher server this way (perhaps by limiting rancher to listen only on one ip? how?)

Please advise, is it stupid to continue with 1.6 with this type of a deployment? Do I need a second VPS or is this possible?