"Waiting for API to be available" for downstream EKS cluster

Hi all. I have created downstream cluster ( EKS provider v1.21, Rancher local cluster v2.6.3). For some reason it stucks on Waiting for API to be available , in conditions there are Cluster agent is not connected event. At the same time AWS console shows that EKS cluster is in Active , so basically it means that EKS cluster is running and ready to use. What can the reason of this issue? I understand that Waiting for API to be available is to generic issue, but I have no idea where I need to look for the problem. The interesting thing that there is no rancher agents on any of worker nodes. Rancher is accessible from downstream nodes, so connection shouldn’t be an issue here.

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I have the same problem. Have you solved it?

Hi @yuewei , yeah, I fixed that issue.

For me it helped to connect to downstream cluster, find Deployment for rancher agent and change dnsPolicy parameter value from ClusterFirst to Default , then after few minutes cluster was connected to rancher.

Hi @yuewei, who are u?

I have the same problem. I searched for agents in the target cluster, but I didn’t find them.

I’m running v2.7.1 on an eks cluster.

I Have the same problem, anyone could help to resolve this