Way to secure kibana access


I’m using ELK catalog for my logging solution whis is a very great tooling thanks all you guys for the hard work.

I’m looking to a way to secure both kibana and kopf access so that it will be enabled only to registered people.

Because I’m giving access to kibana and koph using Rancher LB, I was wondering on using HaProxy basic authent ==> does someone have example on how to configure this ?

Is there guidelines on how to do this ?



You could do this pretty simply by:

  1. Only exposing kibana internally.
  2. Putting an nginx instance in front of kibana and using basic http auth.

there already a nginx proxifying request to kibana through the catalog, but i don’t think there is an option to configure basic auth from the catalog directly ?

Hi Sebastien,

You need to clic on “View in API” on your nginx-proxy container and EDIT it.
And modify metadata “nginx” to for example



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Thanks, the {PLAIN} in the password looks like was the thing I was missing.

Ok, this solves the issue for Kibana, but what about kopf, does it mean we have to add an nginx in front?

Thanks for your answers!