Weave network provider for air-gapped installation

we just set up an air-gapped Rancher v2.5.3 installation here. Unfortunately, when we added a first cluster, the cluster was not getting green. The new cluster nodes were not able to pull the weaveworks image(s):

Jan 8 13:15:42 NODE-HOST1 dockerd-current: time=“2021-01-08T13:15:42.863965341+01:00” level=error msg=“Handler for GET /
v1.26/images/<our_local_docker_registry>/weaveworks/weave-npc:2.7.0/json returned error: No such image: <our_local_docker_registry>/weaveworks/weave-npc:2.7.0”

After some digging, we found out, that the weaveworks images were not included in the rancher-images.txt file (https://github.com/rancher/rancher/releases/download//rancher-images.txt).

After adding weaveworks/weave-kube:2.7.0 & weaveworks/weave-npc:2.7.0 and re-performing the needed steps to save images and populate them to the local registry, all seems to be fine. But the following questions are open:

1.) Is the configuration with Weave as CNI provider a supported option for air-gapped installations?
2.) Why are the weaveworks images not in the list? Is this a bug? Or do we miss some steps in the documentation?
3.) Are the weave-npc and weave-kube images actually the only needed images for the Weave CNI provider under all circumstances?