Web UI No longer available


sorry if this is a trivial question but I installed Rancher to a VM using docker last week and it came up fine.

However, when I now go to request the management console it comes up with the following:


??error.status_en?? Not Found (Not Found)
??error.message_en?? No message available
Other things to try:
Search localhost:8081:

localhost 8081
Google Search

Does this mean its lost configuration data and if so how/why and what do I do to repair?

Thank You,

Gregory Harris

What version of Rancher did you install? It sounds like you have installed one of or v1.1.0-dev2-rcX releases as we are starting to introduce internationalization into Rancher and may not have translated everything for the release at that stage.

What’s in the rancher server logs?

Those are not i18n keys or strings from the UI… That looks like the browser error page, with the keys not replaced for some reason.

  • The docs all show 8080, did you specifically run rancher/server container on port 8081 instead of 8080?
  • Is the rancher/server container still running? (docker ps -a)
  • Does your VM have at least 1gb of RAM?