Web UI Session Timeout (with Keycloak)

I’m running Rancher 2.2.4 with Keycloak integration and have a requirement to have a session timeout after some time period of inactivity. I’m not seeing anywhere in the UI or API to configure this.

I believe this was supported in 1.6 with the following setting: https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v1.6/en/configuration/access-control/#configuring-session-timeouts

Any help with 2.x would be great!

The session timeout in 2.x is 16 hours and not configurable. A session is just an API key with a TTL, so the time is controlled by the API caller/hardcoded into the UI.

In neither 1.x or 2.x is it really an “inactivity” timeout. Everything is live updating and generally preloaded from the server, so there is no clear definition of what activity looks like. The token is just no longer valid after 16 hours.