What steps should one take if the machine Rancher is running on fails

I’m setting up a Kubernetes cluster with Rancher, and I’m wondering what would happen in the event of a failure on the node running Rancher. Since it’s not run inside kubernetes, kubernetes won’t be able to automatically move the rancher images to another node. And if RBAC is enabled, there won’t be a way to access the cluster.

Is there a best practice for maybe storing a key somewhere safe to be able to recover Rancher? What steps should I take to prevent this, and what should I do if this happens?

Oh I just noticed the HA installation, I think this addresses my issue.

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Indeed. You still need an (automated) process for replacing a node even in an HA configuration though, or deal with an situation where it is critical to cycle all of them ASAP (such as a notified security vulnerability).

thanks for the link. hopefully it addresses my situation as well since on hgh it is hard to concentrate… come back with updates if you have any please. thanks in advance.