what will happen after evaluation period of 60 days? will SLES be a usable system ?

i downloaded SLES 12 SP4 for learning purposes. Registered all fine. I have 60 day trial period after that it will stop receiving updates. which is ok with me. but will the system allow you to login or will the system be a usable without any restrictions other than receiving security updates or patches or kernel updates etc… that is completely ok. all i want to understand is that it will allow me to login and run the entire system with same functionality as it was before the trial expiration with same set of software. please let me know.

@Harish Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
It will still keep working, however I suggest you read the EULA that was agreed to on installation…

i am using it for learning purposes only. i don’t need access to latest software after evaluation period. just needed a confirmation. EULA does not say that i have to use the system only until evaluation period right? after evaluation expiry the system will only be available in local network, no internet access will be there. i will just continue using it for educational purposes only. hope it is not EULA violation. if it is do let me know, i will destroy the VM itself after Expiry.