Where are components of rancher running in docker installation?

I’m running rancher in docker with command:

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --privileged rancher/rancher

When I enter rancher container I see the processes:

     1 ?        Ss     0:04 tini -- rancher --http-listen-port=80 --https-listen-port=443 --audit-log-path=/var/log/auditlog/rancher-api-audit.log --audit-level=0 --audit-log-max
age=10 --audit-log-maxbackup=10 --audit-log-maxsize=100
     6 ?        Sl    26:34 rancher --http-listen-port=80 --https-listen-port=443 --audit-log-path=/var/log/auditlog/rancher-api-audit.log --audit-level=0 --audit-log-maxage=10 -
-audit-log-maxbackup=10 --audit-log-maxsize=100
    15 ?        Sl    50:53  \_ etcd --data-dir=management-state/etcd
    27 ?        Sl   200:17  \_ k3s server --no-deploy=traefik --no-deploy=coredns --no-deploy=servicelb --no-deploy=metrics-server --no-deploy=local-storage --disable-agent --da
    41 ?        Sl     0:11  \_ channelserver --config-key=k3s --url https://releases.rancher.com/kontainer-driver-metadata/release-v2.4/data.json --url=/var/lib/rancher-data/dri
ver-metadata/data.json --refresh-interval 24h0m0s --listen-address= --channel-server-version v2.4.11 v2.4.11

With “k3s kubectl get ns” I see namespaces but don’t see any pods. My question: where is the main rancher process and where is UI?

“rancher” (pid 6) is the process. The UI is static files served up by the API server (in Rancher), it is not “running” anywhere.