Where can I download DVD-images for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1?

Hi everyone,

I’ve inherited some SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 as VM, but without any installation media. Though, for some changes YAST expects ISOs to be available, like when installing additional software or even changing language from German to English. While in the latter case using the images can be skipped for some reason and English still is available, it would be great to have the images around just in case.

The official homepage provides SP4 only and even after creating an account I’m not allowed to ask the support, most likely because of no subscription. As this is a legacy VM and I don’t use SUSE anymore, I don’t really want to create one.

Evaluation Copy of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server | SUSE

Do you know of any other download sources for Enterprise Server 11 SP1?

It might be enough already to know the correct path instead of for SP4. Simply changing SP4 to SP1 doesn’t seem to work… :slight_smile: