Will Rancher ever support multiple networks in the same environment?

I’m probably not your average Rancher user. I mainly use it for the tooling, and while I don’t care all that much now about HA, I like that Rancher gives me an easy upgrade path for the time when I might. But, for the moment, Rancher serves mainly as my web-based interface to containers, my orchestration layer for upgrades, and a programatic service for my CI server to talk to in order to trigger them.

But I’d like to isolate networks on, say, the stack layer. So all the services composing a given app are on the same private network, and maybe the app server is on both the private network and the Rancher network so a load balancer can talk with it. It may not be perfect security but it’d be nice if there was an extra layer between the Rancher network and the containers for a given app.

Will Rancher ever support this on a level less granular than environments? I’m about to set up a multi-server Rancher deployment, but even then I’ll probably only have a single environment for all my apps for the moment. I guess what I’m asking is whether rancher-compose will ever support the V2 Compose format which appears to support my multi-network use case.