X509 certificate signed by unknown authority

We have a private docker registry and the certificate isn’t normally recognised. ['m getting the following message when trying to pull from it:
v2 ping attempt failed with error: Get https://docker.pibenchmark.com/v2/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I know how to fix this on CentOS but how do I do that in RancherOS?


I have the same issue here. Trying to run a private registry on top of RancherOS and not quite sure how to get around this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rancher v0.4 should be out this week, in that release you just need to place the standard locations in /etc. In RancherOS v0.3.x this is unfortunately not possible. @denise Can we put a place holder to fill in docs for this, I’ll provide content tomorrow.

Ok, thanks. Saved me trying to poke around in there to do it. I’ve reverted to CentOS 7 based hosts for the short term but RancherOS seems a much slicker solution.

Any update on this? Is it possible now?


Thanks Denise! The certificate will be valid for the system-docker and user-docker, right?

Hi there, may I ask for the status of this issue? Looks like things are still where they are in the latest rancheros.
From the wrestling done so far I found that system-docker uses ca cert other than the well-known /etc/ssl/certs/. Nor did I find any documentation dealing with this at rancher.com.
So the only viable way is to scp rancheros img tar and install locally in corporate network environment?