xen locking

I am moving from sles 11 with HA to sles 12 HA. Under 11 with xen we would specify a directory for creating locks so the machine does not start on 2 machines at once. How do I accomplish the same in sles 12 so that machine does not start on 2 machines in anyway.
Thank you kindly for any help.

You should be able to do the same as in SLES11. What is stopping you ?

It does not seem to work the same as in sles 11. But that makes sense. The sles 11 setup was an upgrade from sles 10. I think the locking worked different. I am using raw disks fo vm’s off a san. I can’t seem to get locking to work for the disks no matter what I do. Libvirt seems really different compered to when was using as send. Of course can’t go back. I have spent hours and hours searching on this. If you have any advice exactly what I need to do it would be greatly helpful. I know it uses locks but I never see locking files being created. So I have the issue that the vm could start on 2 machines and than corrupt it.

Based on Internet and this article, it seems that the locking is already implemented unless you mark a disk shareable/read-only. Maybe you can create a VM to test the locking and try to start it on 2 hosts ,while still pointing to the same VM disk :slight_smile: