XRDP Not Working

XRDP is not working for SLES11 SP3 machine. GNOME login in GUI shows up, takes the login ID and Password then just comes back to the GNOME login screen.

Appreciate if anyone faced this issue and the fix?

Here is the messages in connection log:

Connection log:
connecting to sesman ip xxx.x.x.x port xxxx
sesman connect ok
sending login info to sesman
login successful for display 12
started connecting
some problem

Sesman Log:

granted TS access to user root
starting X11rdp session…
X server running - user root - pid 86426
starting xrdp-sessvc - xpid=86426 - wmpid=86449
using keyboard layout: 0x409 (us)
execve parameter list: 3
argv[0] = setxkbmap
argv[1] = us
argv[2] = (null)
error running setxkbmap - user root
errno: 2, description: No such file or directory
session 86420 - user root - terminated


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