1.2 UI Still Extremely Slow

I was extremely excited to try 1.2. I’ve had issues with the UI while running ~100 containers for some time now.

Unfortunately the Rancher UI still falls flat on it’s face. Please understand that I believe in and appreciate this project. It just seems like such a shame that the base usage is ignored in favour of adding the latest and greatest Kubernetes enhancements etc. Based on the feedback I’m reading there is issues with these orchestration frameworks as well.

Rancher is taking the common road travelled by plenty of failed startups. It doesn’t matter how many orchestration frameworks this supports if the default offering doesn’t work.

Thank you for your efforts. I really do appreciate all the hard work that’s been put into this system. I feel like I’d be doing a dis-service to the community by not speaking up.


@bacheson - It looks like they addressed this issue in 1.2.1. I have been having trouble with this in 1.1, but I have not updated to 1.2.x yet. I was a little discouraged when I saw your post that it was not fixed; however, it seems like it was properly addressed in 1.2.1. Please let me know if you update and notice a difference.


There was an unfortunate issue introduced late in the last 1.2 cycle which caused API requests (including those from the UI) to get put into a job queue behind other (potentially long-running) backend tasks. This made the UI basically unresponsive if anything significant is going on on the server, and is fixed in 1.2.1.

There is also a bunch of database cleanup which particularly helps for older, upgraded databases full of data that was not purged or was orphaned by previous versions.

The UI in general should be notably faster in 1.2[.1] than 1.1, with further improvements on the client-side specifically coming in 1.3 (searchable paged tables, also with bulk-action; a lot of time now is generating/parsing/rendering sometimes megabytes of HTML) and later (an alternate view for the hosts screen).