Rancher UI v1.3.3 takes 30+ seconds to load

The minimum requirements on the server install page do say 1 GB ram for server and 1 GB ram for the database.

I only have one kubernetes environment setup with 4 hosts.
I’m on a t2.small (2GB) for the server and an RDS hosted t2.micro (1 GB) for the database.

But the UI is super slow–taking anywhere from 30 - 60 seconds to load. Looks like the queries are taking 10-13 seconds each. See screenshot of Chrome developer console.

Any tips?

I would start with checking the CPU credit balance in AWS console, particularly the DB…

It is easy to get into cascading failure situations with small T2s; If you use CPU credits slightly faster than they refill then you run out and the instance gets 0 CPU time until there’s more credit. Which makes pings drop, agent health checks fail, etc, which triggers containers moving around, which puts more load on the DB, etc.

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Thanks that was the problem. Let it catch up on credits and now response times are back to normal.