A Few qeustions for the UI

I have been working on and off on converting our docker infrastructure to Rancher/k8s for the past few months. Now that Rancher is GA, I have been defining our deployment process for standing up the new rancher cluster for the master servers and then defining how new environment clusters will be stood up. All of this is really standard and straight forward, but I have a couple questions/improvements I have been wondering about.

  1. Node templates - Will a user be able to clone a node template to make a new one?

  2. When creating a cluster with my node provider, will we be able to edit the network that the new cluster uses? The UI really strips out the true power of RKE (in my opinion). (My HA rancher setup is using the same network as my actual cluster that we deploy to. I know I can change this by depoloying rancher HA with a new network. This is only a real question for our use case maybe, but we route directly to our containers with bgp.)
    Advanced options in UI
    UI extraArgs & Binds

  3. Will helm repos such as Chartmuseum be supported for hosting helm repos/charts in the Catalog?

Thanks for all of your hard work!


dustin I have the same question regarding using ChartMuseum in Rancher 2.