Rancher2 vs. RKE


as we are in the process of evaluating future possibilities regarding Rancher2 / RKE a couple of questions came to my mind:

How does/will Rancher2 integrate/compare to RKE?

  • will the feature set be somewhat on-par for creating a cluster?
  • currently there are at least 2 rke-features missing a ui equivalent in rancher2 (eg: private-registries, etcd-backups)
  • how will an upgrade of k8s with rke work? will there be templates like in rancher2 (point&click) or do i have to modify the cluster.yml myself?


They don’t really “compare”, they are the same thing. The bottom half of the options in the UI (node drivers and custom) are running RKE to make a cluster.

Anything that doesn’t have dedicated UI controls can be changed in the YAML editor.

The packaging of a particular set of images into a k8s “release” is part of Rancher, not RKE. RKE has a default set for create but if you want to change then then you specify all the versions on your own (and they don’t need to be the Rancher-tagged and supported ones necessarily)

I knew, that “somehow” rancher was using rke, but not show as to how (and didn’t have a closer look at the cluster.yml).

So i should be able to just copy every cluster.yml option into the rancher2 yaml-editor?
That would be nice, since some desperatly needed options missing in the rancher-ui are available in rke (which was the only cause i took a closer look at it).

Thx for clearing that up!

Well… seems rke-version used in rancher is a different one… can i see the rke version-number anywhere?