Abiword for SLED 12

I was shocked to see that Abiword is not included in SLED 12… has anybody had experience installing this for SLED 12?

You used 11 SP3 before you used 12. Abiword isn’t included in 11 SP3 either. I find your shock at it not being in 12 surprising. :wink:

Never tried myself, but it builds OK from source once a few packages from the SDK are installed.

There’s an rpm for 11 SP3 at https://software.opensuse.org/search but it doesn’t install on 12 due to at least in part to differences in library versions. The src.rpm won’t rebuild without a few things that aren’t in SLED 12 or SDK. Though given the source builds without those things they’re evidently not essential. (loundmouth, which seems to have been abandoned for 7 years, asio, and link-grammer source for which is available from abiword website and builds on SLED 12.)

I must have installed it from source or package in 11 SP3 and not remembered :confused: - I had a cerebral aneurysm rupture deep in my brain and I forget things, completely random things & this must have been one of them sigh Learning to live with this these last couple years has been… fun?

Thank you for the info on that :slight_smile: