Accessing a published workload on GKE?

Hi, I’m using Rancher 2.0 and I launched a GKE cluster through Rancher. I can deploy an nginx workload in my GKE cluster, using a random port.

If I click on the arrow to launch the website URL for my nginx workload, it will load forever and eventually time out. If I allow that specific port in my Google Cloud firewall rules for this node/cluster it will work and I will be able to access my nginx workload.

However I believe I’m supposed to use a load balancer or ingress to access my nginx workload. What are the steps to do that and do I need to do additional configuration to make this work?

Thank you!

I found my answer. I was doing Port Mapping to publish the port on every node instead of selecting Load Balancer.

Selecting Load Balancer in my Rancher workload Port Mapping created a Load Balancer resource in Google Cloud and then I was able to click the arrow to launch the nginx URL once the load balancer resource was ready on Google Cloud.