Accessing nodes with internal ip

Hi there,
I have created a cluster with 4 hosts. 3 of them are just VMs in a baremetal server, directly exposed to internet with real IP Address. The last one, it is a host in my home which is behind of a typical router that gives connectivity.

I can add that 4th node, and this is added with an internal ip:

I can schedule some jobs. But I cannot open a shell, or I cannot reach it from the others nodes. Is is possible/correct to create these kind of clusters?

The idea is that I want to test/play hybrid clusters, this 4th node is an arm64 one, and the others are intel servers.

many thanks

More info: from that host, the one in my home network and with an interna ip:, I cannot ping to others nodes in the network. Therefore, for sure, the node can execute containers, but cannot reach other nodes, and other nodes cannot reach them. Is this something that can be fixed? or, you cannot mix this kind of things in a cluster?

I’m assuming you can schedule workloads on to the internal machine because it is accessing rancher via the public interfaces of the 3 VMS. When accessing logs or command line the master is accessed and then forwards traffic to 10250 on the relevant node. This will use the default route, so more likely your problem is not due to internal / external network interfaces but down to the software networking layer no knowing how to route traffic to the 192 address.

Might be more simple than that, perhaps it’s the port forwarding on your LAN?

No, I didnt make any port forwarding in my LAN. Do you mean typica forwarding in my router to the ssh into the host? Why the port 10230? is that one for executing a shell in remote?

Neither I can ping/curl the services in the other 3 hosts.

I would suggest reading up on required ports here: before trying to do anything outside the defaults with your cluster setup.

K8s is a complex beast and really should be understood before working with it. Kubernets gives a fairly good overview guide, which I would recommend following up by completing the Rancher level 1 course