Using host ip address

Hi. Hopefully this one isn’t asked too much but I’m new to Rancher and searched the forums to no avail.

I installed Rancher following the very simple docker command given. I can log into Rancher. I can deploy a new workload but it never exposes the ports to the host IP address, it seems the ports are exposed to the Rancher Docker image’s IP address.

I’m missing something simple. What is it?

Thanks in advance.

The “local” cluster that shows up is inside the rancher/rancher container and only meant to run Rancher. It has no way to tell Docker on the outside to open ports.

Create a separate cluster (which can be made up of the same machine if you want) and use that.


This had could be me :roll_eyes:

I had the same problem now for 3 days… Tried everything…
Finally the answer I needed from vincent. I could have figured it out myself.

Anyway. Is this local cluster necessary? Can this one be deleted or at best using the rancher script without the local cluster?

I just have a proxmox with ubuntu vm where I want to use as a single node with rancher as a homelab.

Rancher only runs “in” a Kubernetes cluster. When you run it as a docker container, k3s runs inside that container and provides the cluster for it to run in. Depending on the version you either cannot delete it or doing so has no effect.

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