Accessing Rancher on multiple interfaces

We have a unique network topology where Rancher is running on a server with dual interfaces. For simplicity lets call them IP1 and IP2. Now IP1 network is only accessible from our lab network, whereas IP2 is accessible from outside. I am running Rancher on IP1, since all the devices in our lab need to find and reach the rancher server. This means that Rancher UI is also accessible over IP1.
This is a problem, since users have to go through some hoops to access the Rancher UI.

I want them to be able to access the UI through IP2 as well, since they can reach this IP directly from their laptops without going through any intermediate steps.

What are my options to get this to work? Security is not so much of a concern. I am also exploring some kind of proxy server approach if that helps here. Any ideas/suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

You haven’t described how you installed Rancher or what it’s running on, but default for host ports in k8s (which is usually how the ingress controller is exposed) and port mapping in docker is to bind to, which makes it available from all interfaces.

It is running on a 2 node K3S cluster. When I access rancher through IP2 FQDN (, I get a 404 page not found error.
It works only when I use IP1 FQDN (
During installation it asks what FQDN to use and I have selected FQDN1.
Is there any way to fix the 404 error?

Hi @vincent, any comment you have? I have provided more details.

Ok, that’s multiple names; them resolving to different IPs or listening on different interfaces is not really relevant. The ingress rule is for a particular hostname, and there is none that matches your other name, so you’d need to add another one for that name.

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Thanks @vincent . This worked and solved our pain point.