How to let Rancher Ingress LB listen to different IP address (not port)

I experiment with Rancher Server on a RancherOS host which has multiple NIC interfaces / IP adresses:

eth0 -, used by
Rancher Server (Rancher API is running on
Rancher Agent (on the same host, since it is a test setup)
is connected to our IT management VLAN (only admins have access to is)
eth1 -
is connected with our internal office VLAN (all employees have access to it)
Now I wanted to create a Kubernetes Ingress which is exposing Ports on eth1 Address but it seems the Kubernetes Ingress Controller of Rancher can only publish on the Rancher Agent IP since the Ports are only accessable through eth0 IP address.

Is there any kubernetes Ingress annotation (like the http.port, as explained here: which can be used to tell the Ingress Controller which IP/interface should be used for the Ingress??

Thank you

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