I’m not much of an activist when it comes to controversial subjects
though I do enjoy a good debate but when I came across this page I just
had to post it:

Honk if it’s old news.

All of these serious problems with society are old news; that is what
makes them more appalling. People just drink in the “it’s okay” rhetoric
and trust government and the media. Some will take the statements, like
that it is found in cells in the human body, and turn that around and
state, 'It cannot be that bad then" even though that argument is all
washed up.

I concur, and am glad you (Bob) have jumped into this terrible stream of
public policy. Let’s hope you and I, and all of the others trying to
protect others from their own ignorance, can float through this until the
problem evaporates by boiling those greedy supports of DHMO in their own
dirty bathwater.

Good luck.

Totally agree. It should be banned. Don’t trust anyone.

Kim - 2013-03-12 7:58:05 AM