Add a host automatically - /v2/script authentication string

I’m trying to find a way of automatically adding a host to a Rancher 1.6.26 Server, and I’m not sure how I can find the url string that appears after /v2/scripts when I add a host in the interface. So basically I’m trying to do it within a vagrant environment for testing purposes.

Any advice on how I can get hold of the string automatically without having to manually copying it from the GUI?

/v2-beta/projects/<project-id>/registrationTokens . The UI requests the creation of the first one so if there isn’t already one, send a POST to there first.

I’m not sure if I understood the whole procedure correctly. So I’m trying this on a newly installed rancher server from what should become one of the hosts:

curl -X POST

Project IDs are not the same as the name of the project. They are of the form 1a<number>. On a new installation, the “Default” project is always 1a5.