Vagrant based dev stack

In my dev environment, I would quite like to vagrant up my entire stack - one that has the the rancher server running on the same host as the docker host. The only issue being each time I vagrant up the stack, the rancher server is assigned a random registration ID / URL. Is there any way that you could query the server for this value and export it out for consumption by a script in the rancher agent, or a way that you could fix this value from the outset with an environment variable?

Im guessing its a bit obscure and has no real requirements in the real world. A pointer to a hack would be nice though!

Not sure if this will help completely, but in the comments of this issue it talks about the registrationURL and how to get it through the API. Currently, there definitely is no way to make the URL using an environment variable.

Hi Denise, thanks for coming back to me. Actually if you are running a dev cluster on a single machine (as I was), there is already a vagrant script that does this (without requiring the registrationURL on the basis that when you launch locally authentication is not set)

Also cloudnautique pointed me to some bash scripts that you could implement if you want the server to expose the reg url for later consumption by other scripts:

a combo of: