Add commit and push button in rancher web ui is useful or not?

Our development environment is also deploy by rancher. When the container changed, I need to login the server to commit and push docker image. If the rancher web ui provide commit and push button, It’ll be better or perfect. Then the rancher will become the full stack docker operating platform.
github issue #9565

By “when the container changed” do you mean that you make code updates to the container image?
If so, then you probably want to look at the API. You can make API calls from your build server (Jenkins, etc) that will upgrade the stack to the new image.

We are a small team with only 7 people, so we have no build server such as Jenkins. I have a development server with docker in rancher, and upload the develop code to this server every time when we have some updates. Then we’ll have a test, If no errors we will commit to the docker image and push it to a private docker registry. At last we’ll click the upgrade button to update the production server in rancher.
All above steps can be completed in rancher web ui except commit and push. If provided, It’ll be more convenient for us.

The size of your team does not determine the need for Jenkins or not. I am in a 5 person team, and we use Jenkins.

Using Jenkins aside, what you are looking for is out of the scope of what Rancher (or any container orchestration tool) is used for. That is precisely what Jenkins and similar products are designed for.

Is this still not possible even in 2.0 ? Anyone successfuly explained to rancher what docker commit and docker tag and docker push are used for?

We are well aware of how to use Docker, but not interested in this use-case of encouraging live- editing of ephemeral containers on random hosts and pushing the result to a registry.