Updating a container in rancher 1.6.23 via GUI

hello everyone

I use rancher 1.6.23 for years now (never touch a running system right?) and generally everything works fine.
I have one problem though that i’m unable to solve or maybe i just got a wrong impression and it has to be done differently. anyway, let me explain:
i’m using the apnar/logitech-media-server docker image. i’ve checked his dockerfile and it always points to the newest version of the logitech media server 8.0 nightly build.
so what I did when I wanted to update to the newest version: in the rancher gui I hit the button “Upgrade” next to the according service. in the following screen i set the flag “always pull image before creating” and then i press “upgrade”

shouldn’t that do the trick as the docker image has a variable link that point to the newest logitech media server nightly build?

there are loads of similar topics about this but I really don’t get what I’m doing wrong

thanks for your help and best regards

seems like the following could be the problem: since the docker image doesn’t change, Rancher will not reinstall it … might that be the problem?
the flag “always pull image before creating” (seen in the API as set to io.rancher.container.pull_image: “always”) is probably not forcing that …

anyone an idea? i’d be really grateful for any help.

Yes it is two separate things. “Pull always” means to ask the registry for the newest copy of the image+tag. But the image isn’t built on-demand; most of the time it’s still the same one you had last time.

The image is usually built and published to the registry (so there is something new to find) manually when the author feels like it. Or automatically when a new commit is added to the repo (“continuous integration”).

“never touch a running system” is the kind of attitude that leads to your machines becoming part of a botnet. Everything in this industry in general (and containers in particular) moves quickly and is only maintained for a limited time-window. The versions of docker, rancher, etc you’re running likely contain critical vulnerabilities. And we don’t support or maintain 1.x at all anymore in general.

thanks for the reply and the insight on my “never touch …” altitude

I’ll update soon then, I guess! :slight_smile:

best regards