Add rancher server to managed network (for dns discovery)

I’ve added openvpn into the rancher network, everything works great, but rancher server itself doesn’t have managed network attached, so not internal ip no internal dns. My main rancher server ip is opened only to specific ips/subnets, and right now i have to ssh to it with port forwarding.

If i could have added rancher server to rancher’s managed network, i could have worked with it using it internal dns name, without ssh-ing.

Is it possible to launch network agent next to rancher server container and force rancher server to managed network?

It actually hit me - if i could have rancher server in rancher stack it would have been great :slight_smile: All host monitoring would work, and if server in HA mode it could schedule itself on another host, BY ITSELF :slight_smile:

Did you ever get this working? I spent the last 8 hours banging my head against the wall.