Adding additional node to rancher


I§m trying to create a 3 node server plan cluster with X number of RKE workder nodes.

I have followed this process with terraform.

a) Provisioned LB and EC2 instances with RHEL
b) Created 1 server node with rancher 2.7. on is
c) Added the 2 workder nodes to the new cluster.

This is on AWS.
Now I want to add additional server nodes to the control plane (group)

So I provisoned some more EC2 instance with RHEL on them. Server2 and Server3 lets say.
Tehn I try to add them according to this note:

Just add server nodes.
After provisioning, command should be …

curl -sfL | INSTALL_RKE2_CHANNEL=v1.24 sh -s - server --server=[https://<>:9345] --token <>

This is the same command we used for the agent, except we used type ‘agent’ for the 2 worker nodes.

Server2 wont even connect to Server 1 after the DNS… Both ports 9345 and 6443 are open.

Any thoughts?

rgds sanjay