Adding node on Rancher 2.6

Just installed a single node Rancher 2.6
Have no idea how to add additional node.
I seem to be able to download YAML file from existing cluster node, but what do I do with it to add additional nodes to existing cluster?

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Same problem with a bare metal cluster running 2.5.8. Where did the option go to copy and paste a docker call to bootstrap new worker nodes? Did I miss something?

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I still haven’t found a way to add node to single cluster I have.
what I was able to find out was that you add additional node to “node pool” and create cluster from available “node pool”
so it seem like I need to find a way to add node to node pool then create new cluster using all the nodes in the node pool

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Help! I’m in the same boat.

Just installed RKE2 v2.7.1 using the Rancher Deployment Quick Start Guide. I now have a single node cluster, but haven’t been able to add a second or third node.

Sounds like you are mixing rancher install and cluster creation (there is no rke2 v2.7.1).
First, which quickstart guide did you use?

The initial cluster is only for running rancher itself, and if it is a docker install then it is limited to a single node. You should still be able to add any number of clusters…