adding gnat/gcc-ada to SLES11 SP2

(GNAT is the Ada compiler in the GCC compiler suite).

SLES10 used to have GNAT. SLES11 does not. It does appear to still be in the source RPM for GCC compiler suite.

My question is: how do I simply install/modify/whatever the source RPM for GCC so that it will make the gcc-ada compiler?

(The openSUSE 11.2 repo has gcc-ada but it is an incompatible gcc version so I cannot simply install that.)


It’s there for gcc 4.3;

zypper if gcc43-ada

Information for package gcc43-ada:

Repository: SLE11-SDK-SP2-Core
Name: gcc43-ada
Version: 4.3.4_20091019-0.22.17


zypper if gcc-ada

Information for package gcc-ada:

Repository: SLE11-SDK-SP1-Pool
Name: gcc-ada
Version: 4.3-62.198

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Yes, I eventually discovered this myself. Ooops.