Adding nodes to a single-node cluster should create an HA

When adding a new node to a single-node cluster, it should increase the rancher-server web UI endpoints

Then, all you’ll need is add a proxy in front of all the nodes.

Since, creating a single-node Rancher server already works very well, and additional nodes allow you to add more etc and controlplanes.

The documented HA method seem to go against what it has been like to use and deploy single-node Rancher servers, “it just runs.”

HA is provided by the fact Rancher is running on a K8s cluster. Single node install is just running a docker image - quick and easy - but no HA.

HA docs look like a lot of work at first glance. But once you do it a couple times and learn the process, you can build an HA install in no time.

That’s true

I think it should be a more seamless process, and as easy as running a single node.

It’s only a matter of time

I chose Rancher because how easy it was to get started.

And I’ll choose something else to do HA, if it’s easier as well.

We run it on-prem, and standing up a Rancher HA k8s cluster is literally 1 command. "rke up --config ". It builds the entire K8s cluster for you. Then just install Rancher server using the helm chart. Whole process is 10 minutes (once you are familiar with the steps)

If you are going to be running production workloads in K8s managed with Rancher, it really does pay dividends to learn the basics of how it works. And then you will see how simple Rancher HA really is to stand up. Without the basics, it’s very easy to blow things up, in Rancher and K8s.

True and true

From a user experience perspective, it could be better

Kind of like an engineer building something for an analyst

I’ve definitely blew up Rancher, but because I could export the configs from the UI, so I didn’t have to edit a single yaml, which was a bonus