After Rancher URL change, older rancher-agent pod restarting with wrong URL

OK - this is strange.

I changed the URL of Rancher. I updated the downstream cluster - almost everything looks good.

One strange thing though is I have a rancher-agent pod, for an old rancher agent version (2.6.8, I’m on 2.7 RC8), continually restarting itself. If I stop and remove the container, it keeps coming back. The problem with this container is the --server value is the old Rancher URL, not the new one.

docker ps --no-trunc | grep 798
79823fdbd05434a1cb517f0d28520cc051dc11dbb4144248df20c814a48cd57f rancher/rancher-agent:v2.6.8
“ --no-register --only-write-certs --node-name k8s1 --server --token v7wnfxkrwf98z2g5spzd622mgn9gfknhsb8f9575wvd59qk4x6fcqn ‘–ca-checksum ef5b477e95dda9c429c7aa0446614c96ffd15b1189f810c11e376e5134539644’” 29 minutes ago Restarting (1) 23 seconds ago

How do I resolve this? Thanks!