Agent support on ARM

Is there any news on agent support on ARM? I’ve spent the last two days trying to get it going to no avail, even after finding a few guides from others who got it working. I think there might be an issue with the ubuntu package it depends on, at the moment.

It seems kind of daft to have RancherOS on the RaspberryPi, but not having any way of running the agent on the same platform :grinning:

I have no lofty ambitions of getting the server running on ARM at the moment, but it’d be really handy to have the agent working. I’m planning on rolling out a pretty big network of small ARM devices over the next year and Rancher looks really awesome for running it, but I’m pretty much defeated in my attempts to get it going myself, as I’m just not experienced enough at Docker debugging (yet).

Has anyone else gotten it to boot up recently? I think my issue is with the armhf/ubuntu docker image at the moment, which exits with a 132 code, and I can’t figure out how to…figure out what that error is :sweat_smile:

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im also searching for a way to get rancher agent working on armhf.

Did you get it working ?

Did you folks get any further with getting the Rancher agent running on an ARM box? I’ve seen a bunch of efforts elsewhere manually creating ARM Rancher agent images, but they all look a bit outdated.

I have a similar setup - I’m planning to use the Asus Up board (has the same form factor/GPIO as the Raspberry Pi 2/3, but crucially runs a quad-core x86 Atom CPU with 4gb of RAM) as the Rancher server, managing a bunch of Raspberry Pi 3 agents. The Pi 3’s are waaaaaaaaay cheaper than the Up, so make for great cheap agent boxes in my scenario.

I’ve not made any more progress on this yet, but I may soon be looking into it again now that I have Rancher back up and running for some other purposes. We’ll see how well it goes this time around :slight_smile:

any updates on this issue? I am also interested in an agent for PIs