K3s, armhf, and Rancher 2.2

I set up k3s on a mixed cluster of amd64 and armhf (Raspbian Buster) nodes a few weeks ago. The cluster works well, and so I added it to my Rancher 2.2.4 instance. I then deployed a couple of workloads to the armhf worker nodes without any issues. So far, so good.

After an extended power outage last night I ended up having to rebuild the Rancher server and re-import the k3s cluster. That’s when I noticed that the node-agent pods don’t spin up on the armhf nodes, because the architecture isn’t supported by the container image. This was a little surprising since I was able to redeploy the previously running workloads.

Is there any plan to support the node agent on armhf?

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