AKS service Rancher 2.0

I am integrating AKS service from Rancher 2.0. The initial creation of cluster is successful but when I try to scale up or down the cluster from Rancher UI, it gives no output. The error says azure failed to provision cluster.

Any of us came in this issue? Please share it with me.

Thank you

Can you share the minimal steps to reproduce, also what version you are using exactly and the logging from Rancher (preferably debug)? https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/faq/technical/#how-can-i-enable-debug-logging

Hi superseb,

I used the Rancher UI to create the aks cluster and gave the credentials from service principal from azure platform. The cluster creation went good with two nodes. Kubernetes version I am using is 1.11.5. Currently I have 2 node kubernetes cluster. From the rancher UI I am trying to edit the cluster and this time gave the node number as 3 so that I can scale from 2 nodes previously to 3 nodes now. I am not sure whether this is the right approach to scale up the kubernetes cluster.

Thank you