Rancher 2.0 on AKS

I’m a Infrastructure/cloud architect for my organisation which is a large user of Azure. We are putting together a AKS solution with a vendor and their preferred management product is Rancher for its ease of use, nice GUI, comfort levels e.t.c. They want to place Rancher on a VM as that’s how they’ve done it before.

But I’m interested if possible in a solution that has no VM requirements at all, so purely PaaS. I read on the Rancher website that Rancher 2.0 is supported to run inside a AKS container “You can deploy Rancher’s management server on a cloud Kubernetes cluster.“ The vendors main concern is their usual deployment process flow is to deploy Rancher then use Rancher to deploy AKS. So in this instance you would have to deploy AKS (easy via the Azure Portal), then deploy the container with Rancher in it. What’s your thoughts on this? Possible? Seen it before? In an ideal world, do you have steps for this I can give to the vendor?

Cheers for your help.

Hi all, no comments on this?