Ampersand not working with evince

Hello everyone,

im working with suse 11.3. When i try to open a pdf document with envince using the ampersand after it

evince mydoc.pdf &

the proccess does not go to the background and i have to use “Ctrl-Z” and then “bg” to continue using the terminal. With other programs like emacs the ampersand works correctly. Does someone know why do i have this error and how could i repair it?
I’m trying too to use this in a shell script, is there any other method to tell the shell script to put the evince-job in the background without using the ampersand?


im working with suse 11.3. [/QUOTE]

Are you using openSUSE or SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED)? There isn’t a SLED 11.3 (yet) but there is openSUSE 11.3. If you’re using openSUSE you want the openSUSE forums. :wink:

One thing to try is to log in with a different user and see if the same problem occurs. That may help narrow down where the cause could be.

Oh man, you’re right, false forum :wink: