An overview of the Rancher architecture?

I’ve recently been looking into Rancher for potential future use in a series of projects our team is working on. I’ve been really impressed with Rancher and what it’s capable of, but I’ve also run in a few issues that I’m trying to solve. For instance, we would like to set up Access Control in Rancher using FIWARE Lab ( instead of Github for authentification, which can’t be done directly as far as I can tell.

To better understand how Rancher works, and if we could potentially adapt it to suit our needs, I went studying the Rancher overall architecture. My question: is there an overview of the Rancher architecture that I could refer to, without having to dig through all the code? The Wiki on Github provides a starting point, but not everything. I think it would be useful for all developers wanting to work on Rancher, whether they want to contribute to it or not, to gain further understanding of its inner workings.

Any help would be most appreciated ^^