New guy checking in

Good afternoon!
Stefan here, German in Finland, 25+ years Linux user. A few years ago, I moved almost all my personal stuff, which runs on one x86_64 Xeon machine and a whole bunch of Raspberry Pis at home plus some AWS Lightsail, to Docker, managing it with Portainer.
Through the Youtube Channel “Techno Tim” I got aware of Rancher and I’m eyeballing and circling it already for a couple of months. Rancher seems a very nice solution which should make the management of the gazillion services I have spread everywhere quite a bit easier - hopefully. My main goal at the moment is to get my personal stuff migrated to Rancher. If - as a side effect - I learn more about Kubernetes and other stuff I could potentially use in my professional life - even better.
So, let’s see then :slight_smile: ,