Anyone tried the Banzai log management?

Hello folks, happy new year to everybody,
has anyone here tried to use the new log management system from BanzaiCloud integrated in Rancher 2.5.0?
I am finding it rather unstable, with some difficulties to reload a modified config, and in general to understand where problems are. I am trying to send the logs to Elasticsearch.
Any suggestion to try would be very welcome.
Greetings, hubert

I must say issues get solved with some effort. When a modification to the configuration is saved, I have not understood why the operator is logging messages like
{“level”:“info”,“ts”:1609xxxx.xxxxx,“logger”:“controllers.Logging”,“msg”:“there are running configcheck pods, need to back off”}
while I can see no pod running recently to perform configcheck. Is there a time delay set anyway?
Cheers, hubert