Apache Camel-k metrics in rancher embedded prometheus

I have a Kubernetes running Rancher 2.4.3.

I also have the rancher monitoring enabled, so that exists a Prometheus instance running (ns:cattle-prometheus), so as a Prometheus Operator.

Recently I deployed a Apache Camel-K operator (enabling the monitor integration), and now I want to enable the prometheus integration in my routes for collect metrics from them ( Camel K Integration Monitoring :: Apache Camel ).

So, my Camel-K operator is running in namescape camel-k and the rancher embedded prometheus stack in cattle-prometheus namespace.

I just have launched my route with the –trait prometheus.enabled=true, this will start a PodMonitor to expose the camel metrics …

But the camel metrics aren’t listing at my prometheus UI !!!

What I need to configure to my camel-k route be scrape by rancher prometheus?