Enable Fluentbit / Fluentd Metrics

Hi everyone!

We are currently trying to enable metrics with the rancher-logging chart.
We set monitoring.serviceMonitor.enabled: true and can see a service monitor being created, and discovered by prometheus, but we don´t see any metrics regarding fluentbit or anything really that indicates that it worked.

So my question is:
Is there any way to get rancher-logging metrics into prometheus with the HELM chart.

Thanks in advance!

It seems like you need to put the following into your rancher-logging values.yaml:

    prometheusRules: true
    serviceMonitor: true
    prometheusRules: true
    serviceMonitor: true

So you need both prometheusRules and serviceMonitor set to true

Have a good one!

So, it does not work anymore after uninstalling and reinstalling the HELM chart. With the same values.yaml

I feel like I am taking crazy pills…
Please send Help.

To close my monologue and for everyone the future stumbling across this:

The rancher-logging chart is for the lack of a better word dead.
It did not get any updates for several years now. So no wonder stuff does not work in the current k8s version.
We did install the current kube-logging chart via HELM and did not have any issues with the enablement of metrics or prometheusrules.

It is incredible that the rancher-logging chart is abandoned without ANY notice on the app page or somewhere else in Rancher, quite annoying.

Main takeaway: always check if there are new versions available…