API question : Service upgrade strategy

Hi all,

Can anybody tell me the difference between inServiceUpgradeStrategy and toServiceUpgradeStrategy while performing a Service Upgrade through API? Even after reading the API documentation this is not clear to me…


inServiceUpgradeStrategy means that you would be creating new containers under the same service name where as toServiceUpgradeStrategy would be creating a new service with new containers.

We have some documentation on how it works with rancher-compose, that may help outline the difference. In-service upgrade = inServiceUpgradeStrategy and Rolling upgrade = toServiceUpgradeStrategy


Unfortunately the link to the docs is dead - 404, maybe it moved ?

@Robert_Lachner I’ve updated the docs link.

Also, included the new one here: http://docs.rancher.com/rancher/v1.2/en/cattle/rancher-compose/upgrading/

This link still does not work