Stack Upgrade Procedure


was looking a while at the docs, but I still have no clear picture how Rancher handles Stack and Service Upgrades.

In the Stack UI is a upgrade button, but I cant see who is triggering the activation of this button?

  • a updated image in the repo linked by a docker compose file?
  • a updated Template in the Catalog?

Once this triggger hits, and the “upgrade” button is active, what exactly happens while upgrading? Is the strategy
already defined per stack or service and just executed?

Many thanks,

The upgrade button is for new versions (the numbered directories) of a catalog template. Performing the upgrade sends the updated YAML and answers to the stack’s upgrade action, which sends it to rancher-compose-executor and calls rancher-compose upgrade. There are no strategy/other options exposed.

many thanks, makes sense, the updated YAML and stack is therefore responsible for defining the update procedure. Will try to make some tests after 0.6x is released.