API Questions: --rm flag and service image

#start specific image


I’m sorry if this is a really beginner question, but api parameter sets the name of the image (and label) I’m trying to start?

–rm flag

I did not locate anything that would allow me to declare equivalent to this:

--rm=false   Automatically remove the container when it exits


Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!

Through some testing, I figured out the ImageUuid was the proper parameter.

I’m still looking for the equivalent to the --rm flag, though. Thanks!

I don’t believe we have implemented --rm into Rancher at this time.

Please feel free to make an enhancement request in Github.

It’s not implemented because it’s not actually part of the docker remote API; the CLI makes a separate call to delete after the container exits.

Aha! Thanks for the clarification.

Do you have a suggested design pattern to replicate this behavior? I’m trying to start up instances of a site speed analyzer on demand and would like to keep the disk tidy after completion.