Force pull image

Hello! actually I’m developing a deployment process and I need to force the pull of an image from the API. Automatically I update my docker private registry, but I don´t know which action should I use, in the rancher API, in order to force the update/pull of the image.

I’ve used the “update” action of the service API, the “update, stop and restart” actions of the container API and it didn’t work. Also, I’m using the “io.rancher.container.pull_image: always” label on the docker-compose file.

Thanks in advance!

@juandavidgc you can’t change the image for your existing container; you would have to upgrade your service in order to pull the latest version of the image. Just pick “Upgrade” option for service in the UI, don’t change any parameters. It would recreate all your instances, but this time the newer image will be pulled and used.