Assigning Public IP to a Running Container


I am new to docker and Rancher. I am trying to set up a RubyonRails web app on my container launched from Rancher.

My container is not accessible from outside since I do not know how to set up a Public IP for a running container.

I tried connecting using the [host ip and physical port](http://:), but the web page is not coming up.

However, by using CURL on the command line, I could bring up the web page.

Please help.


When launching the container did you map a port from the host port to the exposed port of the container?

The port is only exposed at hostIP:port, if you map the port.

Yes. I did. Still unable to do what I intend to do.

Hey. Can you post the relevant portion of the compose file you used please? What host port did you specify? Do you have ip forwarding enabled?